scallop shell powder 618

the more you use, cleaner the earth gets

618 scallop powder is a multi-purpose powder made from up-cycled scallop shells, an industrial waste product. When dissolved in water, it becomes alkaline (PH12) and can be used for many things around the house such as; cleaning grease in the kitchen, floors and shelves in the kitchen, living room floors and surfaces, toilets and bathrooms. 618 Scallop powder can replace various detergents in the house which makes it cost effective to consumers. As it is made from 100% natural ingredients, its action is very powerful. It not only cleans, but also deodorises and sterilises.

The brand name '618' comes from the fact that 18 June has been designated 'Scallop Day' (currently the 18th of every month) in Aomori Prefecture, where the ingredients come from.

618 scallop powder is made with comprehensive consideration of the global cycle. Not only in terms of its ingredients, but also in terms of the manufacturing process and environmental resources. 618 Scallop powder is designed to clean ‘only’ the dirt you see and not damage the environment or create health issues in the household like other chemical based cleaning products do. 

We consider the environment, animals, plants and people comprehensively in our manufacturing processes. We use no chemicals and minimal mechanisation. Therefore, we cannot produce large quantities of products at a time, but we make each one with great care.



It's up-cycled products.

The 618 scallops are sun dried and dried for more than three years, washed, cleaned and then heated and baked into a powder. The powder turns into alkaline (PH12) after dissolving in water and has strong cleaning, disinfecting, deodorising and antibacterial effects. Its work is more powerful and safer than baking soda. It removes agricultural chemical remain on vegetable and grains, chlorine from pipe water and germs.  There are many ways to use.  Here some ideas...